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4Defy Coaching
Women's Transformation
Retreat 2025 Agenda

Woman Walking in Forest

Embrace the Wisdom of Trees
at the Arbor Day Foundation
Lied Lodge
January 17-20, 2025

4Defy Coaching
January 2025 Retreat
Rooting Into Renewal


Rooting into Renewal

I genuinely got to see and feel being loved and accepted and appreciated for the fullest version of me.


You delve deep into who you are, but you're with a group of women that love you unconditionally and are there to support you in whatever direction you feel you need to go.


...what I really took out of the retreat and what I enjoyed the most out of the retreat was the fact that I wasn't alone.


Meet Your Hosts!
Jamie Peer &
Jill Glasenapp

Jill and Jamie's journey began over 15 years ago, when they first crossed paths serving together in the military. Though their lives took different paths at the time, fate kept bringing these two kindred spirits back into each other's orbits.

As they reconnected over the years, Jill and Jamie marveled at the way their journeys continued to intertwine. There was just something undeniably special about their connection - a profound understanding and deep well of trust that transcended the normal bounds of friendship.

One weekend, they got together to intentionally ponder the ways the Universe seemed to be conspiring to bring them together. As they reflected on the serendipitous threads connecting their paths, and how much their friendship meant to one another - and thinking ALL women would benefit from long-standing authentic and meaningful connections - Jill suddenly blurted out, "You know, I think we should start doing women's transformation retreats!" to which Jamie immediately replied "Let's do it!"

Drawing upon their own hard-won wisdom, as well as their steadfast belief in the transformative power of sisterhood and nature, Jill and Jamie crafted retreat experiences that left participants forever changed. The first two retreats they hosted were enormous successes, empowering dozens of women to feel more grounded, inspired, and connected to their inner strength.

Now, as Jill and Jamie prepare to unveil their latest offering - a cozy, Hygge-inspired winter retreat that invites women to draw nourishment from the grounding rhythms of nature and undertake a profound journey of self-discovery - they can't help but marvel at how their longtime friendship has blossomed into a meaningful labor of love, fueled by their unwavering commitment to helping women rediscover their innate strength, resilience, and radiance, and they can't wait to share that magic with a whole new circle of sisters.

Ready to Transform Your Life?

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